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Kupers, R.

0. Preface by Peter Voser (and by Judith Rodin?other CEO's?) - via Norbert Both[-]" How RAI came about[-]" The importance of leadership commitment[-][-]1. The Resilience Action Initiative - new chapter -- Maike Boggemann (Shell), Norbert Both (Shell)[-]" The food water energy nexus[-]" Definition of resilience[-]" RAI approach: knowledge projects and pilots[-]" Pilots: The challenges of resilience in practice[-][-]2. Assessing resilience: a toolset - -Marco Albani (McKinsey), Maike Boggemann (Shell), David Bresch (SwissRe), Colin Harrison (ex IBM), Roland Kupers (Oxford)[-]" Essentially the White paper, with overlaps with chapter 1 edited out.[-]3. Multi sector collaborations for resilience -- Mark Smith (IUCN) [-]" Based on the Bellagio output paper.[-]4. Partnerships in practice - Marco Albani (McKinsey)[-]" Bellagio input paper[-]5. Resilience and Corporate Risk Management -- Jaap Berghuijs (SwissRe), David Bresch (SwissRe), Roland Kupers (Oxford), Rainer Egloff (SwissRe) [-]" The Ruschlikon paper.[-][-]6. An example: Green Infrastructure -- tbd (Dow), tbd (The Nature Conservancy)[-]" The Green Infrastructure paper[-]7. Nexus! The resilience game -- Herman van der Meyden (Shell, Perspectivity)[-]" Describe the game[-]8. Corporations and resilience - new chapter - Simone Arrizzi (Dupont) , Max Egger (Siemens), Peter Williams? (IBM)[-]" Conclusion on the challenges for corporations to contribute to resilience[-][-]9. Epilogue by Brian Walker


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