Between Stillness and Motion

Rossaak, Eivind
ISBN/EAN 9789089642127
Druk 1
Between Stillness and Motion - 2[-]Contents - 6[-]Acknowledgements - 8[-]Introduction - 10[-] The Still/Moving Field: An Introduction - 12[-]Philosophies of Motion - 26[-] The Play between Still and Moving Images: Nineteenth-Century -Philosophical Toys and Their Discourse - 28[-] Digital Technics Beyond the -Last Machine : Thinking Digital Media with Hollis Frampton - 46[-]The Use of Freeze and Slide Motion - 74[-] The Figure of Visual Stand still in R.W. Fassbinder's Films - 76[-] The Temporalities of the Narrative Slide Motion Film - 86[-]The Cinematic Turn in the Arts - 108[-] Stop/Motion - 110[-] After -Photography's Expanded Field - 124[-] On On Otto: Moving Images and the New Collectivity - 138[-]The Algorithmic Turn - 158[-] Mutable Temporality In and Beyond the Music Video: An Aesthetic of Post-Production - 160[-] Algorithmic Culture: Beyond the Photo/Film Divide - 188[-]Archives in Between - 206[-] -The Archives of the Planet and Montage: The Movement of the Crowd and -the Rhythm of Life - 208[-]General Bibliography - 226[-]Contributors - 236
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