Selected National, European and International Provisions from Public and Private Law / Maastricht collection (5e druk)

Kornet, Nicole Hardt, Sascha
ISBN/EAN 9789089521934
Druk 5
The Maastricht Collection comprises a broad selection of legal instruments and provisions that have proven to be particularly relevant and useful to students and practitioners of international, European, and comparative law. The compilation is based on the Maastricht University Law School?s longstanding expertise in teaching and researching European, international, and comparative national law. It includes codes and statutory law from France, Germany, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom, international treaties, as well as legal instruments of the European Union. The provisions contained in The Maastricht Collection are reproduced in the original English or in the authentic English version, where applicable, or they are freshly translated under critical editorship. Existing translations of written law, including officious translations available on government websites, often seek to turn old-fashioned or ambiguous original texts into modern and elegant English. Or, instead of translating, they seek to explain how certain terms and formulations are interpreted in practice. The translations in The Maastricht Collection remain as faithful as possible to the content and linguistic style of the original, thus allowing the reader not only to appreciate the substance but also the authentic form of legal sources. The fifth edition of The Maastricht Collection constitutes not only a full revision and update of the fourth edition, but also comprises many important additions, aiming to further enhance its value as a resource in teaching and research. Due to the significant expansion of the collection, this new edition has been divided into four reader-friendly volumes: ? Vol. I - International and European Law (ISBN 9789089521941) ? Vol. II - Comparative Public Law (ISBN 9789089521958) ? Vol. III - International and European Private Law (ISBN 9789089521965) ? Vol. IV - Comparative Private Law (ISBN 9789089521972) The four volumes of The Maastricht Collection are available bo
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