MSP 2011 ed. - quick reference card (set of 5)

Portman, h.
ISBN/EAN 9789087536848
Druk 1
* This sturdy, easy to carry booklet offers a summary of MSP 2011 Edition. It gives you the possibility to get, in one glance, familiar with the Themes, the Principles and Process Model of MSP. * It is designed for people familiar with MSP, as a quick reference to MSP themes, processes, roles and programme information products. - Based on a Transformational Flow it shows how with programmes based on MSP transformation is achieved through a series of iterative, interrelated steps. Each process may require more than one iteration before the next one begins. - Clever fold out with tabs for each subject; - Printed on water proof material: it withstands coffee stains, etc.; - Available as a set of 5 booklets; - Endorsed by Best Practice User GROUP NL.
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