Crucial years in Anglo-Dutch relations (1625-1642)

Poot. Anton
ISBN/EAN 9789087043803
Druk 1
This book analyses the relations between the young Dutch Republic and the England of King Charles I, in particular during the earlier years of his reign (1625-1629) and the period of his personal rule (1629-1640), as perceived and interpreted by both sides. The Republic had gradually developed into an independent state with an increasing self-confidence. Nevertheless, in those years the Republic still needed foreign support against Spain, particularly from England and France. At the same time however, the Dutch were fully aware that the monarchs of both countries were primarily supporting their own policies and only provided support when it served their own interests. Anton Poot shows that their dependence on foreign political vicissitudes necessitated the Dutch to find their own ways. Their successes against Spain also provided more and more resolve and form: by 1640 this was clearly demonstrated by the Republic's relations with England.
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