Introduction to organizational processes

Oteman, m. postmes, p. linde, t. van der
ISBN/EAN 9789086840717
Druk 1
Introduction to organizational processes This book discusses in greater detail the systems and processes in organizations as described in An Introduction to Organization Theory by Loek ten Berge and Marco Oteman. By studying the theory and tackling the exercises students and other interested people will come to a better understanding of the systems and processes in an organization and will be able to work with them in practice. In comparison to the great interest on the part of business in organizational processes and systems, they are rather underrated subjects in the curricula of the universities of applied sciences. This book provides a practical in-depth approach to fill this gap, and it is suitable particularly for economics courses of the propedeutic phase of traditional universities and universities of applied sciences. This book may also be a good introduction to processes and systems in courses with a less economic or administrative focus. Drs Paul Postmes works at Hogeschool Utrecht. He teaches business administration, purchasing management and research. He is also account manager of the Logistics and Economics course. Drs Marco Oteman is a researcher and teacher at Hogeschool Utrecht and an independent consultant. He teaches and is a consultant in the fields of business adminstration, ethics and sustainability. Drs Thies van der Linde is a teacher at Hogeschool Utrecht. He lectures on business administration and innovation and risk management. He is also account manager of the Business Management course.
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