Pronunciation matters

Doel, Rias
ISBN/EAN 9789086596812
Druk 1
About this book: Pronunciation raises many questions. Since learners of English are exposed to a bewildering variety of native and non-native Englishes, they are challenged to reflect on the importance of accent - both in their own English and in that of others. New developments in teaching, and the introduction of common European standards, have also prompted teachers to incorporate pronunciation training into their curricula. In this collection, contributors discuss the most recent research on pronunciation issues to provide insight into matters of teaching, testing and the wider communicative context, ranging from Business English as a Lingua Franca to English communication between the Dutch and the Chinese. About the editors: Rias van den Doel was educated at Utrecht University and Trinity College Dublin, and has taught English to university students in the Netherlands (Leiden and Utrecht), Spain, Poland and China. He is now affiliated to Utrecht University, where he runs courses in pronunciation training, intercultural communication and World Englishes. His chief research interest is English linguistic diversity and its consequences for L2 acquisition. Laura Rupp was educated at Utrecht University and the University of Essex, and has taught English to university students in the Netherlands, England, and Ghana. She is now an Assistant Professor at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, where she teaches courses in pronunciation training and Global English. Her current research is on language variation and change and second language acquisition in English.
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