A Dictionary of Dutchness

Pascoe. R.J.
ISBN/EAN 9789081232722
Druk 1
Do you have to visit the IND, are your children doing VWO and do you live in a Vinex area? Can you recognise BNers and do you know BOB? Have you got a DigiD and are you paying OZB? If this all sounds like double Dutch, then you need this book! This fully revised edition of A Dictionary of Dutchness has 400 entries to help unravel the acronyms, abbreviations and jargon of everyday life in the Netherlands. This book will help make the Netherlands more welcoming to foreigners, thanks to its to-the-point explanation of the words and abbreviations so many of us take for granted. Amsterdam mayor Job Cohen This is the perfect guidebook not only to understand what the Dutch are talking about, but also to begin to understand the national psyche.The new expanded and updated version is an ideal corporate gift for internationals or Dutch professionals working in an international environment. Gary Hays, HR Vice President Royal Dutch Shell If I was any more passionate about this book, the vloekmonitor would call me a TBS-er, and I'd never get a VOG. To find out what I just said, read this book! Greg Shapiro, Boom Chicago Amsterdam/Comedy Central News
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