Hulsen, j.
ISBN/EAN 9789075280005
Druk 1
'Increased management attention to hooves has an immediate impact on your wallet, but also on the pressure of work. The first step on the road to improvement is responding promptly to signals.' Lame cows are a sign that preventive hoof care can be improved and that earlier treatment would be beneficial. Good hoof management saves you a lot of time and money and spares the cow discomfort. Hooves offers practical help in for achieving good hoof health for your animals. Hoof disorders result in cows suffering from pain, insufficient rest, inadequate intake of feed and water, and an increased susceptibility to many other disorders. Production can decline and the animal may have difficulty getting in calf. Hoof problems are also associated with an increased incidence of milk fever, feed problems and mastitis. This guide will teach you how to minimise the risks before the first symptoms occur, and help you to respond in a timely and effective fashion to the first signs of hoof problems and increased risks. Use Hooves to improve the hoof health of your animals; don t let hoof problems on your farm get out of hand! Hooves is part of the Cow Signals series. Cow Signals presents practical knowledge about animal-oriented cattle husbandry in an accessible fashion.
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