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9789068320732 - The united nations of the future

The united nations of the future

van Genugten, Willem J. M.
9789068320732 - The united nations of the future
ISBN/EAN 9789068320732
Druk 1
The sixtieth anniversary of the UN again led to a lot of discussion about the organization, and rightly so. At the same time the debate was not very balanced, emphasizing the shortcomings of the organization, but neglecting the fact that it is often active in situations which are beyond the control of all its member states, i.e., in messy situations where it can do hardly any good. In this book, the authors concentrate on the need to achieve security for all of mankind, and the role the UN could or should play in that respect. As the cliché remarks: If the UN did not exists, it would have to be invented. This book argues that the UN is still very necessary, in a world full of conflict, poverty, and the lack of human security. The authors go back to the original aims of the organization as formulated in 1945, while also examining all the major strengths and weaknesses that have emerged in the sixty years since.
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