Coping with loss and trauma through art therapy

Meijer, F.
ISBN/EAN 9789059721012
Druk 1
This book introduces art therapeutic interventions, exercises and assignments with a multicultural approach. It is meant for international use, as a guide for professionals and volunteers dealing with the relief and treatment of victims of abuse, violence, war and nature disasters. It teaches how to make use of interventions originating from art therapy when victims are unable to express themselves with words. About the author: Fiety Meijer-Degen (1945) is a registered art therapist, artist, lecturer, trainer and supervisor. She is the founder and director of ICTEP-1985-center for treatment and advanced training in art therapy, Amersfoort, The Netherlands. She has experience working as an art therapist with victims of violence and war in many countries. Since 1995 she is providing training for professionals in Art Therapy and Trauma for several international organizations in areas afflicted by manmade or nature disasters. For more
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