Development in place perspectives and challenges

Santen, J. van (Red.)
ISBN/EAN 9789052602899
Druk 1
Development in Place : Perspectives and Challenges - 2[-]Inhoud - 6[-]Development in Place: Perspectives and Challenges - 8[-]On Rurality, Rural Development and Rural Sociology - 55[-]Division of Labour,Production, Reproduction and the Household: a Continuing Debate - 103[-]'New Nature': On the Production of a Paradox - 140[-]Individualizationof Livestock Ownership in Fulbe Family Herds: the Effects of Pastoral Intensification and Islamic Renewal in Northern Cameroon - 165[-]The 'Heart of Borneo': Transboundary Conservation and its Challenges - 197[-]Creating Space for Crocodiles: Environmental Governance in the Philippines - 221[-]Reconstruction of a Society: Indigenous Perceptions of Land and Ecuadorian State Law among the Tsáchila of Northwest Ecuador - 254[-]'Giving a Voice to the Elephant': The Intricate Relation between Wildlife,Local Populations and Global Actors in North Cameroon - 288[-]Exclusive Cities: Space, Social Capital and Urban Fragmentation in Jamaica and Curaçao - 317[-]Transcending Postcolonial Conditions: Built Heritage in Two Indonesian Cities, Jakarta and Yogyakarta - 336[-]Batanghari Sembilan: Cultural Landscapes, Centres, and Underground Streams in the Southern Sumatran Highlands - 357[-]About the authors - 384
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