Intercultural skills for international business and international relations

Verluyten, S.P.
ISBN/EAN 9789033480539
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You work and live in our global village, so you are bound to have multiple contacts with people whose cultural background is different from your own. Intercultural failures cost companies millions: negotiations are broken off, deals do not work out as expected, expatriates return home prematurely, joint ventures may collapse. Add to that the emotional stress to the individuals involved! Yet intercultural encounters can turn out to be among the most enriching experiences in your life, provided you prepare for them carefully. This book will help you in doing so. Its main emphasis is on awareness and understanding. Why do negotiations take so long in Japan? Why do your French associates appear arrogant to many? You will move from misunderstanding and irritation towards a positive interpretation and appreciation of the other persons culturally defined communication style. After reading this book, you will have become a better intercultural communicator. The author bridges the gap between intercultural research and practical advice. He will help you examine your own cultural assumptions and values at the deepest level, and appreciate those of others, but he does not shy away either from advising you on the colour of the gift you intend to bring to an elderly lady in China... About the author: S. PAUL VERLUYTEN is professor of Intercultural Communication at the University of Antwerps Faculty of Applied Economics. He teaches courses on this topic in various countries and he sets up training programs and conducts training seminars for commercial companies, international organizations and diplomats, in Europe and in Asia, in which participants learn how to improve their intercultural communication skills.
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Intercultural Skills for International Business and International Relations

Verluyten, Paul


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