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Group Dynamics

Remmerswaal, Jan
ISBN/EAN 9789024403707
Druk 1
Group dynamics, which is the study of human behaviour in small groups, serves as a link between the two fields of psychology and sociology. The book, 'Group Dynamics: an introduction', provides the reader with a basic knowledge of the themes that pertain to this field and which have been developed over the past eighty years. There are four main themes that group dynamics touches upon: group development, leadership, the functioning of groups and group context. Each group represents a unique and particular blend of these four ingredients. It is in a certain stage of its development or in a transitional phase, it is subject to a given form of leadership, it communicates in a certain way and on a certain level, and it functions within a specific context. This book focuses on each of these four ingredients extensively. Several other themes are also discussed such as systems & communication theory, feedback, decision-making and conformity. Over the past twenty years, this book has grown into a classic in the field of group dynamics in the Netherlands and in Belgium. It has attained a wide readership, which inclu¬des professionals who work together with groups or who are training to do so, as well as those managers who work with teams within an organisational context. Jan Remmerswaal is a social psychologist. For the past thirty years, he has worked as an educator, trainer and consultant, and he has been involved in teaching at institutes of higher education. He has also provided training courses for a wide variety of organisations. Altogether, he has written and published ten books and numerous articles related to the field of groups and group counselling.
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