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Intercultural Sensitivity From Denial To Intercultural Comptence

Nunez, C. Nunez Mahdi, R. Popma, L.

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Intercultural sensitivity, from denial to intercultural competence

Nunez, Carlos Nunez Mahdi, Raya Popma, Laura

There is also a Dutch edition of this book.<br/><br/>Intercultural sensitivity<br/>In a rapidly internationalizing educational environment, students need<br/>to develop intercultural sensitivity in order to improve communication<br/>with lecturers and students, and to achieve excellence in their future<br/>international careers.<br/>Through exchange programmes, millions of students spend part of their studies at universities abroad every year. Lecturer mobility programmes are bringing foreign lecturers straight into the classrooms.<br/>Classrooms are more culturally diverse than ever before.<br/><br/>Research shows that culturally diverse groups are seldom "just average".<br/>They either perform very badly or extremely well. Performance is low<br/>when cultural differences are ignored or denied. Culturally diverse groups<br/>excel when differences are recognised and managed as valuable sources<br/>of innovation and growth.<br/><br/>Intercultural Sensitivity makes university and college students eager to<br/>learn about other cultures. It also makes them aware of the uniqueness of<br/>their own cultures, which they may take for granted. And it helps students<br/>recognize culture as a valuable resource. This new edition uses proven<br/>cultural models by Hall, Kluckhohn and Hofstede and adds the modern<br/>and dynamic approach by Trompenaars: the 7 Cultural Dimensions.<br/><br/>This compact book can easily be studied in a 7-week term. It is packed<br/>with hands-on assignments, cases and role plays from real life intercultural<br/>situations. Cases range from education to health care and marketing<br/>-any place where students will need to communicate across cultures.<br/>In class, on internship, or in the professional fi eld, Intercultural Sensitivity helps students achieve intercultural competence.<br/><br/>About the authors<br/>From highly diverse cultural and professional backgrounds, the authors<br/>are managers, trainers and lecturers at universities of professional<br/>education. They also work as independent intercultural trainers, coaches<br/>and consultants.<br/>

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