Marketing strategy and organization

Moenaert, R.
ISBN/EAN 9789020998573
Druk 7
Traditional textbooks on (strategic) marketing limit themselves to a theoretical expose on how to operate an organisation in an imaginary competition. This publication provides a way of thinking and a method with which organisations truly can enhance their competitive strength, and make it sustainable. This book discusses five questions in the strategic areas that cause managers and leaders to lie awake at night: 1. Do we have an adequate understanding of our external and internal environments? How do we compete today? 2. What is our strategic ambition? 3. Where and how should we compete in the future? How do we optimally evaluate our strategic options? 4. How do we get to where we want to be in the future? How can we successfully implement our marketing plans? 5. What will be the return on our strategy in the future? For our customers, our shareholders, our employees, and other stakeholders? We will happily wake them up for the answers to these questions. In particular, there are two groups of readers who can learn to excel in their markets. In the first place, the manager or student receives advice on how to recognise strategic marketing issues and how to find adequate solutions for these. Secondly, readers who teach at or advise in common or corporate universities receive an innovative and clear framework with many exercises. A new, completely updated edition of the indispensable marketing guide.
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