Succesfully managing it enabled business transformations

Dijk, a. van
ISBN/EAN 9789012581257
Druk 1
The last few decades, we have seen the role of information technology evolve from being a mere supporting role for administrative back office processes into a vital role for core business processes. The capability of an organisation to leverage information technology has become a key factor in distinguishing itself from its competitors. Simultaneously, we have seen an enormous growth in available technologies and in the pace at which new technologies emerge on the market. As a consequence, information technology decisions have to be taken more frequently, are more complex and have more impact on the business. In this changing environment, organisations are faced with complex transitions that impact business and IT alike. We call these IT enabled business transformations and in this book we describe methods and best practices for three major threads in such transformations: business-IT strategy, enterprise architecture and programme leadership. This book is a combination of theoretical background and practical guidelines and can be used as a first step towards successful alignment of business and IT. About Deloitte Consulting Deloitte Consulting is an independent consultancy firm that supports organizations in realizing their ambitions and goals. Services include the full spectrum from strategy development to implementation and are characterized by a multi disciplinary approach. By combining in-depth industry knowledge and technical expertise, Deloitte Consulting makes any major transformation into a success. About the author Dr. Andries van Dijk (1964) has twenty years of experience in IT consulting. He holds a Master's Degree in Econometrics (Operations Research) from the Erasmus University Rotterdam and a PhD in Information science from the Technical University Eindhoven. As a senior manager of Deloitte Consulting, he is specialised in IT strategy projects and business-IT alignment. As a member of the Technology Adviso
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