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Legal English for Bachelors

Foster, T.

Legal English for Bachelors
Legal English for Bachelors will teach you all the linguistic and sociolinguistic competences you will need when you want to speak and write in English about Dutch law. This new edition of Legal English for Bachelors includes a revised section on reading skills. The chapter on writing skills has been expanded with a practical grammar and you will also be trained in how to write legal e-mails and letters. You will also find new chapters on law and language, commercial law and European law. With your unique code, which you will find in the book, you will get access to the practical listening exercises on the book’s companion website:
The internationalization of the legal profession means that English is becoming increasingly important as the key language of communication for lawyers. If you think it is difficult to discuss legal issues in your own language, wait till you have to do that in English! Legal English for Bachelors prepares you for that day when you may have to visit a foreign client in jail and have to explain legal procedures to them in English.
Legal English for Bachelors is designed for law students in Higher Vocational Education, as well as in SJD en MER.
Why choose Legal English for Bachelors:
- concise and practical;
- customized for law students;
- provides a wide range of exercises, including online listening exercises.

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