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9781843102861 - Perspectives on rehabilitation and dementia think rehab

Perspectives on rehabilitation and dementia think rehab

bergMarshall, Mary
9781843102861 - Perspectives on rehabilitation and dementia think rehab
ISBN/EAN 9781843102861
Druk 1
'The volume has ambitious scope and covers almost all potential supports and services. Most of the chapters have been written by professionals who work with people with dementia and their families, and most are British social workers and professionals allied-to-medicine (occupational therapy, physiotherapy and speech and language therapy).' - Ageing and Society 'Marshall, in her introduction, states that the aim of the book is to strengthen the link between rehabilitation and dementia and to encourage the understanding that people with dementia do benefit from rehabilitation and treatment. The book clearly meets this aim with the contributors offering convincing arguments for the conceptualisation of dementia care as rehabilitation and the potential for improvements in symptoms and in quality of life for people with dementia...The book is accessible, easy to read, informative and provides practical information and new ideas useful for practitioners, services providers, commissioners and policy makers.' - Social Policy 'This book has much to offer a range of professionals and those teaching them at post-qualifying levels.' - Journal of Interprofessional Care 'The chapters give us a real and honest appraisal of the pains and possibilities of dementia. And David Jolley ends his chapter with what could be seen as a surprising statement that "Life with dementia is worth Living". His ideas sum up the tone of the book which asserts that people with dementia still have much to give but need help in order to maintain health, safety and dignity, and offers various practical therapeutic models that have been worked out in different settings...throughout the book we are encouraged to keep the person with dementia at the centre of care and to see them as a unique individual with a disability who needs help.' - Perspectives on Rehabilitation and Dementia 'Service planners could gain from dipping in to this collection and testing the extent to which their current plans refl
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