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Canadian essentials of nursing research

Loiselle, C.
ISBN/EAN 9781605477299
Druk 3
This nursing research text focuses on how to read, understand, analyze, and evaluate research for utilization in clinical practice. Acclaimed for its readability, clear presentation, and balanced coverage of quantitative and qualitative nursing research, the text provides in-depth research utilization and utilization models in current practice. This thoroughly updated Third Edition has a greater focus on evidence-based practice, developing critiquing skills, and continued expansion of qualitative research. The text includes full research reports, several with full written critiques.
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Polit & Beck Canadian Essentials of Nursing Research

Woo, Kevin


The easy-to-understand content, the non-intimidating writing style, and improved organization by methodologic content are features of the 4th edition of Canadian Essentials of Nursing Research that help Canadian nursing students become skilled readers of nursing studies. Updated by a new author, Dr. Kevin Woo, this text helps instructors engage their students in how research findings can improve their students' clinical performance. Featuring balanced coverage of quantitative and qualitative research, critiquing guidelines, Tips, and Canadian research examples with critical thinking exercises, this edition fosters an appreciation of research as a path to enhancing nursing practice, health policy, populations, and health outcomes. To help students learn to read and critique research reports, Canadian Essentials of Nursing Research features the Critiquing Guidelines. Each chapter includes guidelines for conducting a critique of various aspects of a research report. The guidelines provide a list of questions that walk students through a study, drawing attention to aspects of the study that are amenable to appraisal by research consumers. In addition to updating the book with new information on conventional research methods, Quality improvement projects and Clinical significance are addressed. This edition features updated online resources more aligned with the text, including a brand new test bank with questions at the application level and higher.
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