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9781588265944 - Understanding Contemporary China

Understanding Contemporary China

9781588265944 - Understanding Contemporary China
ISBN/EAN 9781588265944
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9781626376533 - Understanding Contemporary China

Understanding Contemporary China

Gamer, Robert E.
9781626376533 - Understanding Contemporary China


China today bears little resemblance to the country introduced in the first edition of Understanding Contemporary China, published nearly two decades ago. Even in just the past five years, dramatic changes have occurred under the leadership of President Xi Jingping. This new edition of the book reflects those changes, exploring the impact of new domestic policies; China's role as a behemoth in the world economy; its rapidly modernizing infrastructure; its expanding military presence in the region; the environmental challenges it confronts; and much more. The result is an accessible, well-grounded look at the most crucial issues affecting China today.
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