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9781575242934 - Wheels Up

Wheels Up

Wensveen, John G.,
9781575242934 - Wheels Up
ISBN/EAN 9781575242934
Druk 2
Wheels Up: Airline Business Plan Development is unique because it concentrates specifically on the airline business rather than generic businesses. It incorporates features other plan books neglect. Modern trends are identified and discussed in detail to help the reader understand the importance of creating flexibility within the business plan. Flexibility is vital for an airline to be successful in todays increasingly competitive environment. Failure to understand recent and future trends in a new aviation environment could lead to failure. This second edition is aimed at a variety of readers including academic students, both undergraduate and graduate, business professionals, and entrepreneurs. It concentrates on business plan development suitable for airlines of all sizes, from single-engine single pilot operations to international jet operations. Regardless of a companys size, the main elements of the airline business plan remain the same.
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