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Beyond learning objectives: develop measurable objectives th at link to the

Phillips, j.j.
ISBN/EAN 9781562865184
Druk 1
For decades, the emphasis in the training and development has been upon instructional objectives. But todayâ s organizations demand attention to higher-level objectivesâ objectives that clearly provide business impact and value and satisfy the expectations of key stakeholders. If youâ re involved in implementing projects, programs, initiatives, or solutions in your organization, Beyond Learning Objectives is the must-have guidebook that can help you meet these new expectations. This title provides step-by-step processes for defining, measuring, and developing six types of objectives: input, reaction, learning, application, impact, and ROI. Youâ ll also have help avoiding common pitfalls in the development of objectives, such as unclear, incomplete, non-specific or even missing objectives
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