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9781526402806 - Qualitative Data Analysis: From Start to Finish

Qualitative Data Analysis: From Start to Finish

Harding, Jamie,
9781526402806 - Qualitative Data Analysis: From Start to Finish
ISBN/EAN 9781526402806
Druk 2
This is the ideal book to get you up and running with the basics of qualitative data analysis. It breaks everything down into a series of simple steps and introduces the practical tools and techniques you need to turn your transcripts into meaningful research. Using multidisciplinary data from interviews and focus groups Jamie Harding provides clear guidance on how to apply key research skills such as making summaries, identifying similarities, drawing comparisons and using codes. The book sets out real world applicable advice, provides easy to follow best practice and helps you to: * Manage and sort your data * Find your argument and define your conclusions * Answer your research question * Write up your research for assessment and dissemination Clear, pragmatic and honest this book will give you the perfect framework to start understanding your qualitative data and to finish your research project.
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