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9781506389875 - Psychometrics: An Introduction

Psychometrics: An Introduction

Furr, R. Michael
9781506389875 - Psychometrics: An Introduction
ISBN/EAN 9781506389875
Druk 3
In Psychometrics: An Introduction, R. Michael Furr centres his presentation of material around a conceptual understanding of psychometric issues, such as validity and reliability, and on purpose rather than procedure, the "why" rather than the "how to." By emphasizing concepts over mathematical proofs and by focusing on practical significance, this book assists students in appreciating not just how measurement problems can be addressed, but why it is important to address them. Key features: Presents information in a clear, easy-to-read, conversational style Highlights practical applications Offers an up-to-date treatment of topics in psychometrics Introduces statistical procedures in the context of their use rather than in a separate chapter Online Resources Free PowerPoint (R) slides for instructors are available with this text. Contact your rep to learn more.
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