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9781473938441 - Managing and Organizations: An Introduction to Theory and Practice

Managing and Organizations: An Introduction to Theory and Practice

Clegg, Stewart R,
9781473938441 - Managing and Organizations: An Introduction to Theory and Practice
ISBN/EAN 9781473938441
Druk 1
Get access to an interactive eBook* when you buy the paperback (Print paperback version only) For the last ten years, more and more students have been won over by Managing and Organizations' unparalled coverage, wisdom and insight into the bustling and complex life of organizations. Now in its Fourth Edition, this unique and highly esteemed text goes from strength to strength, offering: * seamless coverage of the essential topics of organizational behaviour * a realist's guide to management capturing the complex life of organizations (the paradoxical, emotional, insecure, self-confident, responsible, irresponsible) and delivering the key themes and debates in an accessible way * interactive, instructive (and fun) learning aids and features, both in the text and on the companion website * an attractive, easily navigable, full-colour text design As well as cutting-edge content and features, new to the fourth edition: * Chapter on Organizational Conflict * A fully revised range of learning aids and features providing interactive and instructive guidance to encourage critical thinking and the application of real-life experience * Revised case studies at the end of every chapter that examine key organizational issues in-depth from a diverse range of scenarios * A fully revised companion website with comprehensive resources, including 'What Would You Do?' author videos * free access to an interactive e-book with paperback purchases which includes links to additional video, audio and print content, for a more dynamic learning experience, allowing students to read and study, how when and where they want (*interactivity only available through Vitalsource eBook)
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