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Conducting Research Literature Reviews: From the Internet to Paper

Fink, Arlene
ISBN/EAN 9781452259499
Druk 4
Ideal for students, researchers, marketers, planners, and policymakers who design and manage public and private agencies, conduct research studies, and prepare strategic plans and grant proposals, this new edition includes: - Nearly a hundred online examples and references from the social, behavioural, and health sciences - A revised and updated list of online articles databases - Case studies in the use of major online databases (e.g., the Web of Science) - Expansion of the exercises at the end of the chapter to include more online searching - Clarification of some of the basic concepts of research that are essential in making judgments about the quality of research methods - Explanation of the major available formal systems (such as CONSORT, TREND, PRISMA) for evaluating the literature's transparency and quality - More qualitative research examples and guidelines and checklists for evaluating their quality - Discussion and examples of mixed-methods research - Additional examples of how to write up reviews and how others have done it.
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