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9781429239240 - Organic chemistry

Organic chemistry

Vollhardt, K. Peter, C. Schore, N.
9781429239240 - Organic chemistry
ISBN/EAN 9781429239240
Druk 6
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9781319187712 - Organic Chemistry: Structure and Function

Organic Chemistry: Structure and Function

Vollhardt, Peter,
9781319187712 - Organic Chemistry: Structure and Function


Organic Chemistry: Structure and Function 8e maintains the classic framework with a logical organization that an organic molecule's structure will determine its function and strengthens a focus on helping students understand reactions, mechanisms, and synthetic analysis and their practical applications. The eighth edition presents a refined methodology, rooted in teaching expertise to promote student understanding and build problem solving skills. Paired with SaplingPlus, students will have access to an interactive and fully mobile ebook, interactive media features and well respected Sapling tutorial style problems-Where every problem emphasizes learning with hints, targeted feedback and detailed solutions as well as a unique pedagogically focused drawing tool.
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