Do Morals Matter ? A Guide To Contemporary Religious Ethics

Markham, I.
ISBN/EAN 9781405153782
Druk 1
Do Morals Matter? is an accessible and informed guide to contemporary ethical issues that reflects upon the intersection of religion and morality. * An informal yet informed guide through the key ethical issues we are facing today, from moral decision making in business and medicine, to the uncertainty of war and terrorism, and the condition of our environment. * Reflects on religions intersection with morality, exploring the challenge of pluralism in major world religions, and the question of Humanism and Gods role in ethics. * Considers the forecast of future situations that will be affected by todays ethical decisions. * Questions what accounts for the variances in ethical beliefs in different cultures, and how we properly reassess our conceptions of ethical standards as new issues arise. * Written by the internationally regarded Ian Markham, Dean of Hartford Seminary and author of numerous books on world religions and ethics.
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