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Economic Methodology Understanding Economics as a Science

Boumans, Marcel,
ISBN/EAN 9781137545558
Druk 2
In this updated second edition of Economic Methodology, the authors bring together a wealth of research and teaching experience. While explaining the principles of economic methodology, they also contextualize it within the broader philosophy of science tradition. Economic Methodology: * explores the status and character of economics as a social science, from when economic methodology gained formal recognition in the 1980s until today * discusses the influence of the philosophy of science, particularly the reaction against logical positivism as exemplified by Popper, Kuhn, and Lakatos * provides material for reflection throughout the book, including 'So what?' and 'Focus' sections, which discuss related practices or themes Aimed at students coming to the subject for the first time, this concise, accessible textbook will help undergraduate and postgraduate students gain a thorough understanding of economics as a science.
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