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9781137491312 - Interest Representation in the European Union (4th)

Interest Representation in the European Union (4th)

Greenwood, Justin

9781137491312 - Interest Representation in the European Union (4th)

ISBN/EAN 9781137491312

Druk 4

* Why is the EU so reliant upon exchanges with interest organisations?* What safeguards have been developed to prevent capture by special interests, and how effective are these?* How does the EU system of interest representation compare with those of other systems, and what are its unique features?The fully revised fourth edition of this highly-acclaimed book provides an authoritative and comprehensive assessment of the role of organized interests in the EU. Showing that interest representation is a key aspect of the European project, it examines the significance of interests for everyday policy-making, for European integration, and for the democratic legitimacy of the EU. Accessibly written and thoroughly updated, the new edition contains additional material on the regulation of lobbying and the European Transparency Register.

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