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Jesus the Forgiving Victim 4 Volume Set: Listening for the Unheard Voice

Alison, James
ISBN/EAN 9780981812311
Druk 1
Jesus the Forgiving Victim offers something quite fresh in the field of introductions to faith and Christian orthodoxy by restoring to the Christian life the wonder and transformative power of discovering not some new Biblical fact or church doctrine, but that you are loved far more than you know. In reading these four books of essays, you will undertake a journey of discovery that will open your heart and mind to discovering new things about yourself and your faith. It is a journey from fake goodness, from a false and insecure self, to relaxing into a goodness and security not your own, but in which you discover yourself held by God. And it is a journey from a unity that needs to create victims toward a unity received from the risen and forgiving victim in our midst. James Alison hopes Jesus the Forgiving Victim will be a meaningful part of your journey toward a deeper faith and fuller life in Christ.
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