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Living with bad surroundings: war, history, and everyday moments in northern uganda

Finnstrom, s.

Since 1986, the Acholi people of northern Uganda have lived in the crossfire of a violent civil war, with the Lords Resistance Army and other groups fighting the Ugandan government. Acholi have been murdered, maimed, and forced into displacement. Thousands of children have been abducted and forced into fighting. Many observers have perceived Acholiland and northern Uganda to be an exception in contemporary Uganda, which has been celebrated by the international community for its increased political stability and particularly for its fight against AIDS. In this narrative, the Acholi are portrayed as war-prone, whether because of religious fanaticism or intractable ethnic hatreds. In Living with Bad Surroundings, Sverker Finnstrom rejects these characterizations, and he challenges other simplistic explanations for the violence in northern Uganda. Foregrounding the narratives of individual Acholi, Finnstrom enables those most affected by the ongoing dirty war to explain how they participate in, comprehend, survive, and even resist it.

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