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9780761963394 - Social network analysis a handbook

Social network analysis a handbook

Scott, J.
9780761963394 - Social network analysis a handbook
ISBN/EAN 9780761963394
Druk 2
The revised and updated edition of this bestselling text provides an accessible introduction to the theory and practice of network analysis in the social sciences. It gives a clear and authoritative guide to the general framework of network analysis, explaining the basic concepts, technical measures and reviewing the available computer programs. The book outlines both the theoretical basis of network analysis and the key techniques for using it as a research tool. Building upon definitions of points, lines and paths, John Scott demonstrates their use in clarifying such measures as density, fragmentation and centralization. He identifies the various cliques, components and circles into which networks are formed, and outlines Copyright © Libri GmbH. All rights reserved.
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9781473952126 - Social Network Analysis

Social Network Analysis

Scott, John
9781473952126 - Social Network Analysis


This best-selling text helps newcomers dive into the theories and techniques of social network analysis, while teaching more advanced users how to conduct their own analysis with the core measures of density, centrality, clustering, centralization and spatialization. New to this edition: *New worked examples give new and advanced users a 'how to' guide for a wide range of research contexts *A new chapter on social media takes the book into one of the most dynamic areas of social network research *New further reading sections guide the reader deeper into the literature *Updated examples throughout situate the book in the state-of-the-art of social network analysis Better than ever, this classic book is the quintessential guide to the theories and techniques of social media analysis. It remains an essential resource for researchers and research students across the social sciences.
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