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Fuzzy planning the role of actors in a fuzzy governance environment

Roo, G. de
ISBN/EAN 9780754649625
Druk 1
Many of the key notions associated with spatial planning, such as sustainability and compact city are essentially fuzzy in their nature. For example, while almost everyone accepts sustainability as one of the more important goals of planning, the outcome of the ambition to achieve sustainability is often almost non-existent. Actors might inadvertently act in conflicting ways in the mistaken belief that their actions are contributing to sustainable development. In this kind of situation, the outcome of planning might be minimal, or even counterproductive. This edited volume focuses on actor-consulting and argues that it can be used as a tool to address the fuzzy nature of planning. Actor-consulting is based on an assessment and subsequent analysis of actor motives, perceptions and contributions, as a tool to address differences in understanding and perception. This tool can be used to clarify, unpack and elaborate on situations where fuzziness appears to be present.
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