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9780745645681 - Short introductions gender

Short introductions gender

Connell, R.
9780745645681 - Short introductions gender
ISBN/EAN 9780745645681
Druk 2
New updated edition of a best selling innovative and lively short introduction to gender studies. Includes new discussions of gender theory in the global periphery, the legacy of colonialism and understanding transsexual and transgender lives. Written by a leading theorist and academic in the field of gender studies.
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9780745680729 - Gender


Connell, Raewyn W.,
9780745680729 - Gender


How can we understand gender in the contemporary world? What psychological differences now exist between women and men? How are masculinities and femininities made? And what is the relationship between gender issues and globalizing concerns such as environmental change and economic restructuring? Raewyn Connell, one of the world's leading scholars in the field, is here joined by Rebecca Pearse as they answer these questions and more. Their book provides a readable introduction to modern gender studies, covering empirical research from all parts of the world in addition to theory and politics. As well as introducing the field, Gender provides a powerful contemporary framework for gender analysis with a strong and distinctive global awareness. Highlighting the multi-dimensional character of gender relations, the authors show how to link personal life with large-scale organizational structures and how gender politics changes its form in changing situations. The third edition of this influential and accessible book includes a whole new chapter on ecofeminism, environmental justice and sustainability. It also brings the review of research up to date throughout and explains new debates and emerging gender theories. Gender is engaged scholarship that moves from personal experience to global problems and offers a unique perspective on gender issues today.
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