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9780714124469 - The British Museum Book of Chinese Art

The British Museum Book of Chinese Art

Rawson, J., Farrer, A.
9780714124469 - The British Museum Book of Chinese Art
ISBN/EAN 9780714124469
Druk 1
This is a newly revised and updated edition of this award-winning guide to the arts of China. The book explains why Chinese silks and porcelains, unsurpassed for over a thousand years, have been prized around the world for their fine textures and brilliant colours. Paradoxically, the arts valued most in China have been calligraphy, ink painting, jade carving and bronze casting. The authors explain why, describing the origins of these diverse achievements and setting them in their historical context alongside decorative arts such as lacquer, cloisonne and glass. The wealth of illustrations include well-known blue-and-white Ming ceramics as well as less familiar jades of the Neolithic period and exquisite paintings on silk from the Buddhist Silk Road caves at Dunhuang.
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