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9780670922871 - The charisma myth

The charisma myth

Cabane, Olivia Fox
9780670922871 - The charisma myth
ISBN/EAN 9780670922871
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In The Charisma Myth, Olivia Fox Cabane provides powerful advice to make absolutely anyone more charismatic. What if charisma could be taught? Charisma can be a huge asset if youre applying for a job, improving your relationships, or leading other people. The Charisma Myth shows you how to become more influential, more persuasive, and more inspiring. Soon youll be able to move through a room and have people say: Wow, whos that? Many people believe that charisma is unchangeable - you either have it or you dont. But thats simply not true. This groundbreaking, bestselling book reveals how charismatic behaviour can be learned by anyone. Olivia Fox Cabane helps some of the worlds best-known people become more charismatic. Here she breaks charisma down into its fundamental components, revealing the secrets to how it works. Improving your charisma doesnt mean transforming your personality: its about adopting a series of practices that suit you. So what are you waiting for? Charisma is not a gift, its a tool. Cabane makes a big promise with this book and delivers on it. (Seth Godin).
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