Sedimentary environments processes, acies and stratigraphy

Reading, Harold
ISBN/EAN 9780632036271
Druk 3
Sedimentary Environments has been one of the most distinguished and influential textbooks in the earth sciences published in the last twenty years. The two earlier editions won universal praise and became classic works. Since the publication of the second edition, knowledge and understanding of the importance of external controls on sedimentary environments has blossomed.This edition therefore places greater emphasis on sequence stratigraphy, architectural elements and allocyclic controls while retaining an extensive coverage of environments and the processes that operate within them. This should ensure that this edition sets a further benchmark in sedimentary geology. ...required reading for the professional geologist along with any serious graduate or senior undergraduate student. - Journal of Sedimentary Petrology. Every sedimentologist who practices the study of facies and environments should have this edition on his or her shelf. - Sedimentary Geology. It is a must for university libraries as it forms an excellent basis for the subject. - Earth Science Review.
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