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9780538466479 - The entrepreneur's guide to business law

The entrepreneur's guide to business law

Bagley, C.E.
9780538466479 - The entrepreneur's guide to business law
ISBN/EAN 9780538466479
Druk 4
The 4th Edition of The Entrepreneurs Guide to Business Law, International Edition takes students through the various stages of starting a business - from start-up and growth to an initial public offering - while highlighting the legal preparations and pitfalls that go along with them. Start-ups experience legal issues unlike those of mature companies, and this text offers seventeen chapters of advice and strategies for recognizing and managing them. Appropriate for both undergraduate and graduate coursework, this newly updated edition presents traditional topics, such as the cyclical nature of business, international issues, contract law, and bankruptcy, as well as more current issues like clean energy, e-commerce, and the effects of the recent recession on entrepreneurship.
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