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Our cosmic origins - from the big bang to the emergence of life and intelligence

Delsemme, A.H.
ISBN/EAN 9780521794800
Druk 1
Perhaps more than the planets, stars, galaxies, and other wonders readily visible with the aid of telescopes, space is filled with questions. Our Cosmic Origins helps every reader solve the perplexing mystery presented by the Universe. Beginning with a single event in the depths of space, Delsemme goes on to trace the remarkable history of Earth and the Universe, from the Big Bang to the creation of atoms and molecules, from the formation of stars and planets to the emergence of life on our planet.

Bringing together elements from cosmology, astronomy, geology, biochemistry, and biology, Delsemme weaves a rich tapestry of science into a highly accessible narrative. He chronicles how the first light atoms were made and formed stars and how heavier atoms were cooked into stars and scattered into space, creating dust grains and organic molecules. He examines the growing complexity of plant and animal life, including the emergence and extinction of dinosaurs. Our Cosmic Origins shows how the coupling of the eye and brain led to the development of self-awareness and, ultimately, intelligence. He explores the cosmic coincidences that might explain our existence and concludes with the tantalizing suggestion that intelligent alien life is likely.

This provocative book will appeal to anyone who has ever looked at the sky and questioned where we have come from and why we are here.
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