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9780471779858 - Introduction to Hydrogen technology

Introduction to Hydrogen technology

Press, Roman J. Bailey, Alla V. Miri, Massoud J. Santhanam, K.S.V.

9780471779858 - Introduction to Hydrogen technology

ISBN/EAN 9780471779858

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Introduction to Hydrogen Technology explains the basic chemistry that underlies promising, innovative new technologies such as hydrogen fuel cells. Incorporating information on the latest developments and current research on alternative energy sources, this book:* Covers chemistry fundamentals relating to hydrogen technology, including reversible reactions and chemical equilibrium, acid-base chemistry, thermodynamics, reaction kinetics, electrochemistry, organic reactions involving hydrogen, polymer chemistry, photochemistry, and plasma chemistry* Discusses various types of hydrogen fuel cells and diverse fuel cell applications* Addresses the production techniques and the infrastructure necessary to support hydrogen-based energy sources This is a hands-on resource for scientists and researchers working with hydrogen-based technologies and an excellent reference for students in engineering, science, environmental science, and applied science and technology. This book also will be useful for the general public interested in sustainable energy.

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