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9780470852767 - Understanding solids - the science of materials

Understanding solids - the science of materials

Tilley, R.J.D.
9780470852767 - Understanding solids - the science of materials
ISBN/EAN 9780470852767
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9781118423462 - Understanding Solids

Understanding Solids

Tilley, Richard J. D.
9781118423462 - Understanding Solids


The second edition of a modern introduction to the chemistry andphysics of solids. This textbook takes a unique integratedapproach designed to appeal to both science and engineeringstudents. Review of 1st edition an extremely wide-ranging, useful book that is accessibleto anyone with a firm grasp of high school science this is anoutstanding and affordable resource for the lifelong learner orcurrent student. Choice, 2005 The book provides an introduction to the chemistry and physicsof solids that acts as a foundation to courses in materialsscience, engineering, chemistry, and physics. It is equallyaccessible to both engineers and scientists, through its morescientific approach, whilst still covering the material essentialto engineers. This edition contains new sections on the use of computingmethods to solve materials problems and has been thoroughly updatedto include the many developments and advances made in the past 10years, e.g. batteries, solar cells, lighting technology,lasers, graphene and graphene electronics, carbon nanotubes, andthe Fukashima nuclear disaster.
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