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9780443103919 - A Political Practice of Occupational Therapy

A Political Practice of Occupational Therapy

Pollard Nick, Sakellariou Dikaios, Kronenberg Frank
9780443103919 - A Political Practice of Occupational Therapy
ISBN/EAN 9780443103919
Druk 1
This challenging and innovative book explores the political aspects of occupational therapy practice, developing this concept from the implications of occupational justice, and expanding on some of the ideas originally set out in "Occupational Therapy without Borders". The book discusses how practitioners may develop political awareness in order to achieve goals in community development, or towards occupational goals, and is supported by twelve chapters of practice examples from the UK, US, Georgia and Australia as well as an important history of the profession as an agency for social change. Contents include significant theoretical chapters on gender, class and disability, challenges to holism, occupational literacy, and a discussion of political competence.
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