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9780415879682 - Understanding The New Statistics Effect Sizes, Confidence Intervals, And

Understanding The New Statistics Effect Sizes, Confidence Intervals, And

Cumming, G.

9780415879682 - Understanding The New Statistics Effect Sizes, Confidence Intervals, And

ISBN/EAN 9780415879682

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This is the first book to introduce the new statistics - effect sizes, confidence intervals, and meta-analysis - in an accessible way. It is chock full of practical examples and tips on how to analyze and report research results using these techniques. The book is invaluable to readers interested in meeting the new APA Publication Manual guidelines by adopting the new statistics - which are more informative than null hypothesis significance testing, and becoming widely used in many disciplines. Accompanying the book is the Exploratory Software for Confidence Intervals (ESCI) package, free software that runs under Excel and is accessible at www.thenewstatistics.com. The book's exercises use ESCI's simulations, which are highly visual and interactive, to engage users and encourage exploration. Working with the simulations strengthens understanding of key statistical ideas. There are also many examples, and detailed guidance to show readers how to analyze their own data using the new statistics, and practical strategies for interpreting the results. A particular strength of the book is its explanation of meta-analysis, using simple diagrams and examples. Understanding meta-analysis is increasingly important, even at undergraduate levels, because medicine, psychology and many other disciplines now use meta-analysis to assemble the evidence needed for evidence-based practice. The book's pedagogical program, built on cognitive science principles, reinforces learning: * Boxes provide "evidence-based" advice on the most effective statistical techniques. * Numerous examples reinforce learning, and show that many disciplines are using the new statistics. * Graphs are tied in with ESCI to make important concepts vividly clear and memorable. * Opening overviews and end of chapter take-home messages summarize key points. * Exercises encourage exploration, deep understanding, and practical applications. This highly accessible book is intended as the core text for any course that

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