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9780198786238 - Consumer Behaviour

Consumer Behaviour

Szmigin, Isabelle,

9780198786238 - Consumer Behaviour

ISBN/EAN 9780198786238

Druk 2

In this highly practical and engaging textbook, Szmigin and Piacentini provide the most holistic consideration of consumer behaviour available, demonstrating how seminal theories and cutting-edge research have an impact on today's marketing professionals. The latest behavioral, psychological, and sociological approaches are presented alongside emerging techniques, such as the analysis of big data, integrating digital experiences, and the continuing importance of conscious consumption. Theory is set firmly in context for students through extended cases and extensive use of international examples, including interactive advertising on Snapchat, social media marketing by Maybelline in China, and culturally reflective advertising by IKEA and McCain. This second edition reflects the most current research in consumer behavior and contains substantially increased coverage of digital consumption and online consumer behaviour, including social media research, online group buying, and attitudes to online privacy. New coverage of sustainability and ethical issues in consumer behavior, including deceptive packaging, Fairtrade, and ethically-conscious fashion at H&M, has been woven throughout the text. Central to the book is the recognition of how businesses and governments use knowledge of these theories and techniques in marketing and business decision making. Each chapter includes a "Practitioner Insight" from a professional working in marketing, advertising, government or a charity. Each chapter also includes "Consumer Insights" features with topics including the concept of hygge in Denmark, repositioning Lucozade in the UK, and branding in emerging markets. These features bring together the themes discussed and encourage students to engage with the material on a practical level. The authors acknowledge consumer behaviour as a research discipline. To reflect this, the "Research Insights" features, around half of which are brand new for this edition, include links to s

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