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The Sacred in the Modern World: A Cultural Sociological Approach

Lynch, Gordon
ISBN/EAN 9780198705215
Druk 1
It is often claimed that we live in a secular age. But we do not live in a desacralized one. Sacred forms-whether in religious or secular guise-continue to shape social life in the modern world, giving rise to powerful emotions, polarized group identities, and even the very concept of moral society. Analyzing contemporary sacred forms is essential if we are to be able to make sense of the societies we live in and think critically about the effects of the sacred on our lives for good or ill. The Sacred in the Modern World is a major contribution to this task. Re-interpreting Durkheims theory of the sacred, and drawing on the strong program in cultural sociology, Gordon Lynch sets out a theory of the sacred that can be used by researchers across a range of humanities and social science disciplines. Using vividly drawn contemporary case material - including the abuse and neglect of children in Irish residential schools and the controversy over the BBCs decision not to air an appeal for aid for Gaza-the book demonstrates the value of this theoretical approach for social and cultural analysis.
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