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9780190635107 - Social Research: Approaches and Fundamentals

Social Research: Approaches and Fundamentals

Straits, Bruce C. Singleton, Royce Jr.
9780190635107 - Social Research: Approaches and Fundamentals
ISBN/EAN 9780190635107
Druk 6
Revised and updated in its sixth edition, Social Research: Approachs and Fundamentals is a rigorous yet clear and engaging introduction to research methods. Covering all of the fundamentals in a straightforward, student-friendly manner, it is ideal for undergraduate- and graduate-level courses across the social sciences and also serves as an indispensable guide for researchers. Striking a balance between specific techniques and the underlying logic of scientific inquiry, this book provides a lucid treatment of the four major approaches to research: experimentation, survey research, field research, and the use of available data. Richly developed examples of empirical research and an emphasis on the research process enable students to better understand the real-world application of research methods. The authors also offer a unique chapter (13) advocating a multiple-methods strategy.
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