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9780128039960 - Development of the Nervous System

Development of the Nervous System

Sanes, Dan H.,
9780128039960 - Development of the Nervous System
ISBN/EAN 9780128039960
Druk 4
Development of the Nervous System, Fourth Edition, once again provides an informative and up-to-date account of our present understanding of the basic principles of neural development as exemplified by key experiments and observations from past and recent times. This book reflects the advances made over the last few years and demonstrate their promise for both therapy and molecular understanding of one of the most complex processes in animal development. This information is critical for neuroscientists, developmental biologists, educators, and students at various stages of their career, providing a clear presentation of the frontiers of this exciting and medically important area of developmental biology. Development of the Nervous System 4e includes a basic introduction to the relevant aspects of neural development, covering all the major topics that form the basis of a comprehensive advanced undergraduate and graduate curriculum including the patterning and growth of the nervous system, neuronal determination, axonal navigation and targeting, neuron survival and death, synapse formation and plasticity.
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